Ruhengeri is a city and capital of Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda. Some sources now refer to the city itself as Musanze, after the district in which it lies. This has to do with the adopted policy of renaming Rwanda cities, which was done to eliminate terrible memories of the past and to install new administrational infrastructure in the country. Ruhengeri (Musanze) lies near the twin lakes of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo and is the gateway city to Volcanoes National Park and the famous Mountain Gorillas in the north-western part of the country.
Ruhengeri’s proximity to the Volcanoes National Park has made it a popular tourist destination with several restaurants and hotels mainly aimed at visitors to the national park.

Population: 71,511



The climate in Ruhengeri is warm and temperate. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Ruhengeri. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall. This climate is considered to be Cfb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. In Ruhengeri, the average annual temperature is 17.8 °C. The rainfall here averages 1302 mm.


Kinyarwanda is the National language, while French and English are official languages. French is widely spoken throughout the country. English is mainly spoken in the capital and tourist centres.


Rwanda is a relatively stable East African country, and easily accessible from Kenya and Uganda. It is relatively easy, safe and simple to travel around. It is landlocked, surrounded by Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.

Getting Here

Ruhengeri can be accessed both on land and in Air. In air; Incoming flights can access Ruhengeri through Ruhengri Airport;
It is a medium-sized air terminal that serves the town of Ruhengeri and neighboring place. It is one of the eight open regular citizen airplane terminals under the organization of the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority. Ruhengeri Airport is arranged at a height of about 1,860 meters (6,100 ft) above ocean level. The air terminal has a solitary black-top runway that measures 1,480 meters (4,860 ft) long.
By Land several safari companies have Ruhengeri as their major destination, and if you have booked your safari through a safari company you stand a chance to get to and around Ruhengeri as much as you like. However for backpackers, several bus companies offer scheduled services between Ruhengeri and Kigali hoping to one of those gets you in place in time. These buses are less crowded than normal buses.


The City

The Gorilla Volcanoes Hotel

Handspun Hope Women’s Center

Volcanoes National Park

Ruhengeri Town

Ruhengeri Cathedral

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